Hi friends and anal fans,

I’m happy to have you in my community and it’s a pleasure to serve you guys with a lot of hot anal content and videos. Allthough it’s not a easy job and currently an unpaid fulltime job.

I want to ask you a favor on this way and get OUR start up Anal Tube better off the ground.


In able to make a good and smooth Anal Tube there are a couple of new investments to make and improvements are everywhere. We must also think about that every day new videos must be bought and uploaded. In this way the rented web server gets full quickly, we already take almost 20 percent of the available capacity.

Therefore we usually avoid 1080HD videos that are longer than 5 minutes. But we do have 1080 HD and a lot of 720 HD videos on our server.

Recently we have already switched from a small server of 100 dollars a year to a server of 1000 dollars a year but that will not be enough to continue and upload bigger, better and longer HD ANAL VIDEOS. Without this upgrade, the Anal VIdeos we now have in our library couldn’t be there at all but certainly come against its limits quick.

We want to build a powerful Anal Tube where our community will be inspired daily with stories and will be able to see the hottest and most exclusive videos everyday.
In the future we also want to re-program the entire video player with a theater mode that automatically switches from:


                                                                   Normal modus

                                             to Theater modus

With a dim lights button, create your own playlist option, integrated like button that adds the video into your account and many more fancy features and buttons.

This too will have to be made by a developer and involves a lot of costs.


What is your advantage to this?

  1. You as an anal fan gets the best anal platform with anal only content which you can not find anywhere else.
  2. The first 100 who donate an amount of at least $ 20 receive a free LIFETIME ANAL MEMBERSHIP when it is built & ready (and believe me there will be a membership community with exclusive access!)
  3. Our Anal Videos will be longer, bigger, hotter, better and exclusiver!
  4. Cloud access to 1TB of very HOT and EXCLUSIVE ANAL PORN. This is a private collection and 99% of it is NOT posted her on Analplayroom.com neither on Tumblr, it’s Anal only and FULL HD. We will send you the link by mail after your donation of 20 Dollar (or more) has proceeded

I would be eternally grateful to you and that is why I also want to give a free lifetime membership as a reward.
We wish you much fun and pleasure with your anal experiences and feel free to ask us anything, we are very friendly and social.

Have a good Anal & Plug it!

Your Anal Playroom Master

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